2018 Grammys

  I've been asked in several messages the past few days if I'll be at the GRAMMYs in NYC this year.  My goal that I set last year was for to photograph the 2019 Grammys in LA.  As of this moment, I am not photographing the GRAMMYs this year.  I will be unable to attend since I'm still saving to replace camera gear that was stolen from me last year.  It would be fun to attend and mingle this year but the weekend will still cost a little more than I can handle.  

  Everything is alright!  I have a little over a year from now to complete my goal.  I'm still searching for the right "in".  I worked really hard in 2017 and I will be hustling, even more, this year.  So this year I will be most likely watching the awards by myself from my own home.  If I cannot be there this year I really do prefer watching them alone at home all day.  

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