Road to the Grammys

  Two years ago I set out my goal of photographing the Grammy Awards in LA on this day. I failed big time. I'm not even close or thought of from anyone there.  I tried hard every day for about a year and a half. Constantly getting doors slammed in my face. Every time I felt a breakthrough from someone, I get passed on then turned down.  Getty Images has a contract with the Recording Academy and I'm not a Getty photographer.  If lightning struck and they happened to hire me, whose to say they would even let me photograph the event.  The people that are closest to me know I have tried everything in my power to be there today.  I failed.  

  There are many great things about trying to photograph the Grammys.  No regrets, there is absolutely no regrets.  I sit back and feel good.  This is something I was doing and not just saying.  I made a goal and went for it.  Because of this commitment, I made a lot of new friends in the music industry.  Committed to writing a dedicated almost daily blog. Found out, I actually photographed well over 200 Grammy Winners rather than my estimated 100. A lot of support came from family, friends and many of you that are reading this right now.  I am so thankful and even though in my crazy mind, I believed to be there today, I will still be enjoying this day alone, with a smile.  


For those interested, I will be doing my annual commenting about the Grammys all day long on Twitter @derekbrad