24 left

  Last night I watched the "David Bowie: The Last Five Years" special that was on HBO.  I put it on-demand and the first minute I thought, I have watched this before.  I did see it last year on the BBC channel.  So it's new to HBO but not the world.  I still watched the documentary anyway.  It got me thinking about time.  What do I do with my time?  He stopped cancer treatment because it was not helping anymore.  He knew he didn't have much time and he was ill.  Bowie still created and kept going forward.  He created a musical and final album all knowing he didn't much time remaining.  Never did he rush the process just to put things out.  He did them because he wanted too.  

  This morning I woke up thinking, "what if my time is almost up."  I have a few long-term goals that I would like to accomplish.  A few short-term goals.  Several artists I would love to collaborate with.  All I can do is keep up the hustle.  Most view death as a downer.  For me, it's the opposite.  I got out of bed motivated.  Went to put on the final Bowie ep record "No Plan".  

  "No Plan" what a title.  It is exactly how I'm feeling with these R2TG posts.  The first year seemed easy, posting about the over 250 Grammy winners I've photographed and some even are part of my Musician Portrait Project.  Also talked about shoots I was involved in and vaguely what I was doing to try and get to the GRAMMYs in 2019.  Where do I go with these daily post now?  and How the hell will I ever get to photograph the GRAMMYs?    Right now I cannot answer these questions so, like Bowie, only my time remaining will be able to answer these questions.  

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