B. B. Kings
New York, NY
June 15, 2014


Another night with an incredible guitarist

  Yesterday I spent a lot of time updating my archives on this site and Musician Portrait Project site.  I still have much more work to do but I did manage to get a lot completed.  Today as soon as I finish this post and posting it to socials I'm headed back up to NYC.  There is one thing I have to take care of then hopefully meeting up with the Guitar Connoisseur editor.  I will be once again photographing Eric Gales for the magazine.  I photographed at the Iridium and one of my all-time favorite photographs I've taken is of Eric.  The previous session was years ago at B.B. Kings.  This is one of those shoots I've been looking forward to the past few months.   As always I'm a little nervous as well as excited for this evening.  

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