Art Reception

  This year I will try and push myself to get out to more art related events so I decided to head on out to this event.  The evening before Jeff forwards this email from Big Picture Media, who we've worked for in the past.  I did notice my friend Melissa Menago was going to perform.  A few days from now we have a band shoot together.  Alright, at least I will know one person.  I made up my mind I will go.

  I get ready to head on out to this Reception and my car has a flat.  Go back inside and begin to change clothes and get my tire spare on so I can take my tire to get fixed the following day.  But, just as I was changing clothes I received a text from a friend that happened to be in my area.  Next thing I know she is taking me to the event and coming in with me.  The event was smaller than I imagined, but it ended up great.  Met a few friends from my past plus I got to meet with a few new contacts.  Successful night and I owe it to two wonderful people in my life that believe in my photography career.  I would not have had this night without Jeff and Adrienne.  Thank the both of you.

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