back to the routine grind

  Feels so good to be back to my daily routine.  Most mornings I do the same thing every day.  Missed a few morning earlier in the week because I was not feeling well.  Today after the fog lifted it turned out to be a beautiful winter morning and day. With 50-60°F (16°C) out it was motivating to get myself moving again.  

  After mentioning it you are probably wondering what my routine is?  There's really not much too it.  Get up and down a big glass of water.  Walk, jog, run or a mixture of them all as long as I get in 4 miles.  The boathouse pictured above is on my route.  I recently just added in running up 10 flights of stairs back to my place.  Put some coffee on.  Then I begin my 10 sets of 12 pull-ups, which I do throughout the entire day. No way I could do them all at once.  Get a shower.  Get my coffee and check on emails.  Then I get something to eat and start on my to-do list.  The remaining part of my day is different every day.   For example, I finished some things on my list then just received a call a couple hours ago to do a shoot tonight.  Back to the grind! 

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