Black Coffee

  Except for the sold-out crowd at Coda on Friday I'm not sure how many people realize how amazing it was that Black Coffee performed there.  He came to Philly and performed at an intimate place like Coda.  I am there!  

  The weather conditions were awful.  Winter storm with snow/rain mix and high winds.  I headed to meet him at his hotel which is a 15-minute drive from where I live.  Crossing the Ben Franklin Bridge I was proud of myself for keeping my car in the center lane from the high winds.  So I was pulled over just as I came across because the snow was stuck to my passenger side rearview and covered my window.  My car was clean when I left and the bridge is three minutes away.  The snow was sticking because the car has yet to warm up enough.  I mentioned all this just to inform how bad the winter storm conditions were to get to the destination.  

  Ended up being an incredible night/morning.  I still cannot believe he was here.  Thank you, Black Coffee and the Coda staff.  

Black Coffee performance photo set

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