Blind Melon at Transparent Clinch

  I began this R2TG  "blog" to push myself to get to photograph the GRAMMY Awards in 2019.  I am not going to get there,  But writing about it has lead me to many great things.  Pushed me to be even better and meeting people I may not have ever met before.  

  Yesterday morning I got a message Blind Melon is playing at the Transparent Clinch gallery tonight.  I had a meeting that I rescheduled.  Which the other party rescued a little while back so they completely understood.  I also was going to photograph a couple songs of a pop stars performance.  Nope, let's work on changing plans on a Tuesday evening and driving to Asbury Park.

  Blind Melon at Transparent Clinch was already amazing enough.  I really didn't realize how even more incredible it was until Danny Clinch mentioned it was the first band he was on tour with.  Danny Clinch, Rachel Ana Dobken, and Blind Melon all performing in front of an exclusive crowd at Transparent Clinch Gallery in Asbury Park.  I am honored to know of and know some really great people.  

   Really wish I can post the photo set right now but it is uploading and I have to go make some $.  I had such a wonderful night and when walking through Philly today I'm sure I'll have a ridiculous grin on my face still thinking about last night