Camera Stolen at Made In America

  Well towards the end of the night my camera was stolen from me.  Do not message me asking how it happened because it is already difficult enough to relive the moment.  I already know which really great photographs are gone.  The more difficult part is that I lost a camera body and most expensive lens I owned 70-200.  When shooting concerts the combo was the most used.  So if anyone happens to see anyone with a camera they have no business owning or sells and posting some great photographs.  Hit me up.  I do have serial numbers. 

  Anyway, this is a major blow.  It was difficult to even breath.  Calling up my mother and a couple of friends on my long route home was a great decision.  Hearing all this positive feedback about where my career is headed when I'm down most really pulled me through these last couple hours.  Throughout my life the greatest thing I managed to surround and keep the most positive and supportive people around.  I am thankful for all of you that are my really good friends.  I am also extremely thankful to have wonderful parents, sisters, and brother that support my career decisions.  It just so happens in about 30 hours we will all be together in Florida for a few days.  Love you!

  At this very moment, I do not know how I will recover from this but as my father always tells me. "Remember: It is not how many times you get knocked down, it is how many times you get back up!"

  I'll be signing off for the remainder of the week.  Love you all that have been sticking with me through these great moments and the lowest.  

Thank you. 

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