This one kinda hurts to post about, but how could I not.  I've seen Chris Cornell perform on many occasions.  Soundgarden, Audioslave and solo.  Every time I was attending and I never photographed him or any of his bands.  My younger sister and I talk about our love for his solo album Euphoria Morning, my old roommate and I loudly played all three of his bands and even talked about Temple of a Dog often.  Mostly all the Chris Cornell concerts I have been to were with my buddy Marc who took this awesome photo print pictured below when he played with Audioslave in 2005.  

There was one day a few years back when I was asked to photograph Soundgarden.  But unfortunately, I was already committed to a shoot that day.  I have never backed out of a committed job still to this day.  I ended up passing it along to my friend Howard Gaines.  I believe it was his first concert shoot.  Well, he ended up doing a great job capturing Chris Cornell and one is pictured above.

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