Diana Krall

3x Grammy winner and nominated 2 other times.  Photographed her in 2015 and was the only photographer at this performance.  I had to do a walk through with her tour manager before the performance.  I was only allowed to photograph for less than two full songs while being watched by the TM.  We had to agree on locations I could shoot from.  I pushed for the third location so I could get a shot of the full band and crowd.  After about a song and a half, I had to meet Diana's TM so I could be escorted out of the venue grounds.

Like anyone, I love my freedom.    When photographing every performance I am always respectful of the audience, artist, and security.  I pride myself on staying out of others way and still capturing passionate moments from the best angles possible.  Rules like this shoot do not allow me to feel the artist.  But, I am still thankful and honored to even have the opportunity to photograph a wonderful musician.  

Diana Krall 2015 Wallflower Tour

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