Shooter Jennings and Jason Boland
Black Country Rock Tour
World Cafe Live
Philadelphia, Pa
December 8, 2017
FillmoresDB (1)


  When I get shoots in December I usually try and take them.  2 Musician Portrait Project shoots and 2 performance shoots on Friday night.  I went from creating an MPP with Shooter Jennings at World Cafe Live across town at The Fillmore to create MPP with Tritonal than photographing their performance as well.  Both shoot I had full access.  Two completely different types of music yet I had a wonderful time meeting great people.  It's tough to schedule back to back and wonder whether I can pull them both of but everything just happened to work out perfectly.  If anything I wish I could've stayed around Shooter Jennings longer.   This year I have done days with multiple shoots more than the past.  Hopefully this coming year I get more days of shoots spread out.  I am looking forward to what might come in 2018.  There is something special about the not knowing what my year ahead will become.  

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