Going Blind

  Today I had a Musician Portrait Project shoot with Blind Melon.  They canceled last minute.  The reason given was "massive guestlist".   It has been scheduled for three weeks and I only find out a little while before that it cannot happen.  Of course, I am extremely disappointed.   I even turned down shoots that have been offered since this was scheduled.  At those moments it really didn't matter because this was Blind Melon.  Now I guess it did.  These are the ups and downs of doing my Musician Portrait Project and being a music photographer.  Always will be a difficult industry to gain some respect in.  

  While I'll get over this it did give me time to reflect.  I'm glad to have a few musicians that I love working with because of their wonderful music and mutual respect.  Thankfully a few of them are coming up this month so that should relieve the bad taste in my mouth from this evening.  Plus there is always something to do.  Just because a shoot was canceled doesn't mean I had nothing.  Since I will not be home most of this coming week,  I wrote many email drafts and updated some things on my websites.  

  On to the next one.