Great friends

  The past two days I've had friends reach out offering to connect me with people they know in the industry and maybe a connection to the Grammys.  I am extremely thankful to know wonderful people who believe in me.  Every single connection in the industry counts.  

  A lot of wonderful news happening with musicians from the area.  I did a recent shoot with June Divided and they just announced signing with Revival Recordings.  Listen to their new single "Body Wars".  Also, one of my favorite guitarist in the world, Nick Perri has a new band. The Underground Thieves have a new single out "Everyone Wants One".  It features another local artist, Walt Lafty.  

  I'll be headed out soon to check out and maybe take a few photographs of Michele Karmin's performance.  First time performing her original songs in the area in over two years.  

Philly, year of the underdogs.  Rock On!

  Read my original Road to the GRAMMYs concept that I posted a little over a year ago.  

Mount Holly
Day 3
Philadelphia, Pa
September 16, 2017