This past week has been busy and amazing.  Many things have happened all the past 7 days

1. Photographed a guitarist for Guitar Connoisseur Magazine.  Always amazing to shoot for because the editor presents my photographs beautifully.

2. Got to see and photograph an opening act I've been wanting to see for years.

3. Photographed at 3 venues this week that I have never shot at before.

4. Created 3 Musician Portrait Project videos.

5. Spent time with a friend at a couple of the shows

6. One show a favorite guitarist of mine seemed to appear out of nowhere and say hello.  

7. Picked up 3 new gigs in November

8. Photographed 11 performances 

9. The hometown show of hip hop and r&b artist was really great! 

10. Worked for a company I've been trying to get into for years.  Hopefully, my photographs impress them.  I'll find out Monday.