I am often asked, "How can I be a better photographer with my DSLR?"  

Manual Mode.  Get off all auto modes and just shoot manual.  M is the way to go.  Learn your settings and get comfortable with changing aperture, shutter speed, and ISO with ease.   You will mess up thousands of times when first beginning.  It can be frustrating but you will thank me a year or two later for the suggestion.  My very first shoot with a DSLR was a metal concert and I went in thinking if I just get one good photograph it is a success.  

Why do I say manual mode? Because I can now change the right settings faster and more accurate than any auto mode setting.  I don't even think about changing settings with each of my cameras.  Everything just flows.  All I focus on is getting the right moment and the right angles.  

So there's tip #1 to becoming a better photographer.  If you like this and it helps let me know and I will continue doing more.