I often get asked "How are you lucky to get to be here (concert)?  or  "I want to be a photographer or (option) which should I choose?"

First I do not know a music or concert photographer that is LUCKY!  If you have another option to choose.  Go with that.  There is no way to make it as a photographer if it is not your number one passion.  

I normally tell people it takes 3 things to become a music photographer.

1. You have to love photography.

2. You have to love music and deal with a lot of the politics of the industry. 

3. Most importantly is you must hate money.  I really mean hate money.  Don't expect to get paid or respected by getting paid too much or even at all for the first few years.  

Through the years I have seen a lot of people wanting to be (music) photographers come and go.  If I see someone around for three years that seems to be a long time.  I once told someone that three years is about when burnout happens in some of the decent ones.  Most drop off way before 3 years.  Anyone I still see in the pit or backstage after that I do hold a lot of respect for.  

A final thing I also say often is,  "If it were easy everyone would be doing it."