Mayor Nutter
Art Museum 
Philadelphia, PA
May 14, 2012


21x Grammy winner with 66 nominations.  Many people are talking about his new album out today 4:44.  I photographed Jay-Z twice.  The first time I was out shooting a show and I got more than one message asking me to shoot the following morning at the Art Museum. One message came in late and said, "All I can say that it is Jay-Z!"   At that time I had a regular 5 day a week job.  I remember messaging my sister and asking for confirmation if I should call out of work.  Her response, "do it".  It ended up being the Made In America festival announcement.  

The other time moment was last year at the Made In America festival with Beyoncé.

Made In America announcement 2012

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Made In America
Benjamin Franklin Parkway 
Philadelphia, PA
September 4, 2016