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New Years 2018

  "Sometimes you have to stop being scared and go for it.  Either it will work out, or it won't.  That's life." 


   I took this photograph on this day,  2 years ago (December 31, 2015) from my balcony.  The Philadelphia Skyline will be looking a lot different in the next few years with all the construction.   I see myself in this photograph looking back on this New Years.  Like the building's there is a lot of growth and expansion.  Old buildings are gone and replaced with new buildings. There are some really special buildings that stick around in Philly.  Just like those very special people that choose to stick around with you. 

  Most mornings I look out at the city skyline.  I even often post a photograph on Instagram stories of the skyline.  Ready to begin days where the unknown if it will be a good or bad day.  Maybe an incredible moment will take place throughout the time of the day.  Not knowing in itself is exciting.  Just one small win and one genuine smile in a day makes it all worth it.   

Happy New Years 2018

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