Eric Gales
Eric Gales Band
New York, NY
January 30, 2018

Mentioning daily list

Recently I thought maybe to list things out to show you all the goals I get done and accomplish daily.  Most things like posting photo sets, emails etc take longer than you would think.  I usually put in at least 15 hours of work a day into the business.  I have a list of goals every day to try and accomplish which I never finish but just keep moving them to the following day while adding more goals.  These are just my photography related business goals.  Doesn't include things like daily workouts and things around my living space and constant social media post for marketing.  

Today I finished:

-Getting the remaining 3 Warped Tour Musician Portrait Project videos edited and grabbing stills/uploaded.  

-Featured and posted today's real fun MPP  of Yungblud

-Sent a member of Danny Clinch's team a requested high-resolution photograph from his gallery space taken last year in Asbury Park.  

-answered a bunch of emails

-got cameras already, packed and set to go for my next shoot

-finished quick edits and adding metadata on recent photo sets

-posted / added 6 photo sets to the archive one of which I've been excited to add from Eric Gales performance at the Iridium.  Wanted to give Guitar Conniosseur first post of them  

Eric Gales Iridium performance