It is always difficult for me to hear that my photography is great.  Business looks like it is going great.  That I'm living this glamours life.  That I'm lucky.  That I have it easy.  The reason being is because I deal with a lot of rejection.  Right before someone says one of those statements or something similar I just heard/read a "No", "Sorry" or "Best".  The last one is the worst to hear from someone because they do not mean it.  

  I literally get a rejection of some kind every day, mostly with my business. If it deals with my photography business, Road to the Grammys, Musician Portrait Project and dating life.  It is difficult not to take it personally.  No matter what the other parties reasons are, right?   

  Let me give you an idea by just taking you through this June.  It is not even over yet and I'm not even saying it is a bad month.  I've had some good moments and a lot of smiles.  

  It is now the 17th of June and for the first time ever I am now going down the list, counting my emails, text and phone calls.  I never did this before because this is going to sting.  I sent off 256 business emails and most are those I've met or worked with in the past.  26 "No's", 230 no responses and 1 "yes".  That 1 yes coming up next month is a win!  48 phone calls which some turned into sending an email or a vague yes that the other party did not follow through on.  My Musician Portrait Project I sent out 82 emails. As I was counting one came in asking for a link to the website, which is clearly in my email I originally sent 4 times.   32 No's, 2 pending and 2 with a this is awesome/dope, Yes.  Some the opportunities have passed by and the others still no response.  Before the month is up a few more good will come rolling in.  

  Let's keep on going through the month.  For 2 years I have been talking with a friend about photos for his project that was coming out.  Just about every time I would see him we talked about the ideas.  Even had a phone conversation and he was going to pick one of my available days.  No return call and the project ended up coming out with another photographers photos.  Okay, that's cool, I'm happy for him but it still stings a little.  This happens in this industry all the time.  I'm sure I unintentionally have done this to another photographer in this business too.  

   Every person who followed or is following their dreams/passion deals with their fair share of rejection.  Entrepreneurs, actors, musicians, athletes etc we all deal with it and push past it. In a way, it's motivating.  It helps to restructure the way I present an idea or project.  There are a few shoots and MPP's I have done now that were no's multiple times in the past.    So I cringe whenever I hear someone bitching or complaining about others who have obviously followed their passion.  You may not agree or like what they do but it doesn't look good putting them down if you're not happy with yourself.  

  All that being said, lately every morning I wake up positive about another day I can work towards my photography, project and Grammy goals.  I'm thankful to have a supportive family, a handful of friends and a small social community.  Rejection will continue to fuel the fire.  If you want to work with me and collaborate, we will create good things.

  Fear and rejection probably also stopped me from featuring the original concept Musician Portrait Project video.  I am no musician but I would never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn't too myself.  So here it is the first moving portrait I ever created 6 1/2 years ago of yours truly.  

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