Every morning I wake up asking myself.  What can I do to bring me closer to shooting the Grammys?  What can I do today that will create a breakthrough in my business?  I wonder what I'll see today that I haven't seen before?  When I come up with answers to the first two questions. I write them down then come back to them later and consider if they were good ideas to put them into play. Finally come up with a schedule to something for my business, this road to the Grammys and the Musician Portrait Project.  

Yesterday I began doing research at LinkedIn on the Grammys.  I found there are over 600 members on there.  Happen to know 3 of them!  Which is a start?  So I began connecting to the others.  A few wrote after the connection was made.  Then I thought why am I just hitting the connect button when I should be honest and write each one telling them why I'm reaching out.  Instead of just hoping they will read my profile and help out.  This process may take me a long time but very beneficial in the long run.  I plan on fitting in a number of these a day between all my other marketing, emails, shooting, editing, meetings and MPP updates.