You can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, video games, tv,  someone else, food and so many other things.  With me, I'm guessing it is virtually non-stop with my photography and work.  It's good to take some time off here and there and chill with family and friends then back to the grind.  I'll get to spend some great time with family in a couple days.  

Speaking of drug addiction Adam Ant use to say he was never interested in them.  Last night I photographed him and he still has the energy to rock a sold out crowd!  Also created a Musician Portrait Project with the Glam Skanks and shot their performance.  Now after I have posted this I am running out the door to Delaware to create another MPP and photograph a performance.  

I figured while waiting around at the venue between shoots and performances I will get off a few more messages to Recording Academy members.  

Original Road to the Grammys Post