I once read "Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day."  Sometimes just the fact I had one meal is that something good.  It is also that  all my close family and friends are healthy.     

Recently MPP manager Jeff and I were told something by a huge PR rep in the industry "I don't see why (fill in Superstar name) wouldn't want to do this."  (Musician Portrait Project)  The past several mornings this has been firing me up for the day.  For several years both of us have been working our asses off on this project. If we are not working for money, eating or sleeping we are advancing MPP in many ways.  We both talk about it to almost anyone in conversation.  We reach out to thousands.  It is really rare to have anyone want to help us out, share, encouragement and even acknowledgement.  Which is alright because it just fires us up even more.  But, when someone does come through and believes like us, that just throws fuel on the fire.