Canon 300mm review

  Today I had to ship back the Canon 7D Mark II and 2.8 300mm lens.  I used them for 4 shoots.  

  The 300mm takes amazing photographs at a distance.  I really enjoyed this beast.  But, the downfall about the lens is the size and weight.  I own monopods but did not use one because I'm always on the move when shooting.  Didn't  have a problem holding it up.  I felt like a long distance sniper at times.  It's just not a practical lens for everyday use for what I do.  Doesn't fit in my camera bag with a camera body attached.  I enjoy having cameras set up and ready to go.  I'm sure walking long distances in NYC and Philly took a toll on my shoulders and back.  All in all owning a 300mm would be life-changing for several shoots throughout the year but it could never be for everyday use.  

  Canon 7D Mark II had some differences than the first version of the 7D.  Canon moved the light metering in the view finder to the side instead of the bottom.  Which was weird to me but also reminded me of shooting with my fathers 1970's Minolta.  I tried both "silent mode" and the shutter still sounded louder than my old 7D.  I also didn't notice much of a difference in low light than the previous version.  I have not read any reviews and they may not agree with me but I didn't notice much of a difference when shooting in ISO3200 and ISO4000.  

  Really thankful I got to use both this past week.  I am looking forward to having a camera and lens of my own again.  

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