Through the years with Lights

  A few days ago I photographed Lights performance.  She has this brilliant new concept album "Skin & Earth" that goes along with a comic series she created.  2009 I photographed her at Warped Tour where she brought onstage a keytar and a big smile.  A year late she opened for Owl City.  Few months after that she started an Acoustic Tour, which was one of my favorite performances that year.  I photographed her a few more times and she even is part of my Musician Portrait Project video series.  Really awesome she liked the concept.  It's been a pleasure photographing Lights and if you're reading this and ever need a photographer, Call Me!

Lights: 2017

Lights: 2015

Lights: 2012

Lights: Acoustic Tour


Lights: Warped Tour 

Lights: Musician Portrait Project


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Musician Portrait Project
November 2015