Nick Perri Solo Video

  I do videos with sound too!  I was nervous, actually nervous is probably the wrong word to use in these moments.  More like excited but still to this day when photographing / videography I don't want to fuck it up. My goal is to show everyone how I see these amazing musicians.  Bring them to everyone around the world to the best light.  Make you GO out and see them next time they are in your area.  Regret you were not there if you missed it. 

   I knew this moment was coming all week that I spent with Nick Perri and The Underground Thieves.  So how do you get through a packed Ardmore Music Hall without disturbing anyone or ruining the experience for those that are in attendance?  You can see by watching the full video above.  

  A big thank you again goes out to The Underground Thieves, Nick Perri and TM Ari for an incredible week of laughs and music.