One - Continued

  I've been debating on whether or not to keep writing posts here at R2TG.  Last month I had to stop because I had way to many commitments and a project I needed to finish by June.  Now that I'm mostly caught up I will continue back to posting as much as I can.  It does not take long to read these post but you can keep up with my photography career by reading these post.  Thanks for the support and sticking around with me.  There is a lot coming up this summer but I am available for hire for most of the summer, right now!


 Here is the latest photo set of KRS-One.  He had the sold-out Ardmore Music Hall hype all night long.  My favorite part was his freestyle tribute to Lady B.  

KRS-One photo Set

AMH & Walking Bear Productions Present: 
The Ardmore Music Hall (Sold Out)
Ardmore, Pa
May 31, 2018